Matiala Assembly Constituency

Some factual information about Matiala Assembly Constituency:

Assembly Constituency No. 34
It covers 4 corporation Wards, namely, Matiala, Chhawla, Nangli
Sakaravarti, and Kakroula.

Total Polling Booths : 204
Total No. of Voters : 2,34,181
Total No. of Villages : 31
Total No. of Votes in village area: 59,303
Total no of colonies : 74
Total no of votes in colonies : 99,261
Total no of societies + DDA Pockets in Dwarka covered in Matiala
constituency: 264
Total no of votes in dwarka : 61,414
total no of JJ Colonies : 3
Total votes in JJ Colonies : 14,203

Ashok Chaitanya

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