M K Gupta

This year, on 25th January just one day before the dry and republic day, wine of over 16 crore was sold. Last year, wine and bear of over 12 crore were sold on 23rd January and of 4.3 crores on 24th January in that year. (25th Jan was a Holiday). Before the dry-days, normally, the Government issues huge advts in the paper that next day is dry day. In fact, such ads are an open invitation to purchase the wine in advance and convert the ‘dry’ day into ‘wet’ day. There is no use of such dry days unless they come without notice and with a surprise. If the Government is really interested to discourage the wine consumption as per the directive principle enshrined in the Constitution, such advts should immediately be stopped otherwise these dry days will only be hypocrisy to fulfill a mere formality. Perhaps, Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi ji may have never imagined such a situation in his life time and now, he may not have any option except to watch the difference in preach and practice of the government working silently from the heaven. This is nothing but adopting the double standard which should immediately stopped.

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