M K Gupta, 

          Baba Ramdev has announced to sit on fast un to death. Baba is request to hold this till the outcome of Lok Pal Bill for which deadline given by Anna Hazare is 15th August. If something does not materialize by this deadline, civil society should re-start its campaign by including the demand of black money within country and bring back money stashed in foreign countries. At this juncture, the elements opposed to these demands may spread a vilification campaign that Baba has sat on fast in competition with the fast of Anna Hazare. They had started such a campaign after the fast of Anna Hazare to defame the leading lights of his campaign. 
Moreover, matter of money in foreign countries is already before the highest court of the country and as such, there is a danger of terming such move as publicity stunt. At this time, this may create confusion among the activists and they may therefore fail to support Ramdev ji to the desired extent.

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