M K Gupta

Police generally talk about the verification of servants but the verification of the placement agencies providing servants is equally important. Some gangs are working in the organized manner to cheat the needy and the we should be cautious from becoming the victim in the hands of such cheaters. They regularly give advertisements in the reputed news papers by mentioning their mobile number only. On contact, they hardly give chance the potential client to visit to their office. After many desperate calls from the needy clients, they suddenly visit him on some find day with the proposed maid or servant and if the customer selects, they charge full year commission in the start in cash. They reject taking cheque out rightly, to eliminate the chances of their nabbing in future. Thus they also save tax on their income as hapless client has to agree with their unfair conditions. The servant stays from some hours to some months and run away after some time to join them again for duping other clients.

The customer can save themselves from such crooks from taking them for granted. Whenever we come across such service providers, always visit their office, take id proof, and do not pay at least some money by cheque so that in case of fraud, their addresses can be taken from the Bank. Apart from mobile number, ask for landline number too and some references, copy of I-card, driving licence, pan card etc.

The owner should submit the servant verification form with the police himself and should not believe the verification conducted through the agency. We should ask some local contacts of the servant apart from the name and contact number of his/ her past employer (s) and should verify the past ourselves. By taking these precautions, we may save ourselves from some big mishappening though this may delay the process but will save us from a big hazard.

Registration of placement agencies should be made mandatory and local police should also make it mandatory to inform the ownership details to the local police station.

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