M K Gupta

One more fraud has come to light by the placement agency. An agency took Rs. 15,000 from Shri Ashok Kumar Bakshi, IAS (Rettd) of Rudra Society, Sector 6, and left the maid at his residence. When Mr. Bakshi went to market to fetch the milk and vegetables from the DDA Sec-6 LSC for the first time with the maid after a week, she ran away along with the utensil for milk. Fortunately, Mr. Bakshi were able to hand over the agent and the maid after some day by laying a trap by asking some one else to call the agent at his residence in sector 9 for providing maid. Mr. Bakshi got his amount back few days after handing over the perpetrators of fraud to the police but he is not happy with the action of the Sector 9 Police Station in the matter. Now, he has filed an RTI application to the Police Commissioner to know about the action taken and other details. According to him, once, the PS asked him to visit the Police Station at about 11.00 p.m. to identify some suspects and he refused by saying he is available for this from 8.00 am to 8 pm during the day time. Copy of his RTI and other documents are available with me. In the process, he had to tell the Police that he has been very senior officer of the government and should not be treated by the police in that manner.

Under my guidance, a resident of Faridabad has been able to get hold of one more agent and the maid but he also told that he is not satisfied with the action of the Faridabad Police Station. He told that he had to run from pillar to post, media, spoke to ACP and other senior police officers after the PS let both the alleged culprits, agent and the maid. He has also employed the same technique as used by Mr Bakshi.

All Dwarkaites and other citizens are advised to give the Commission to the agents after satisfying with the genuiness of the agent and the maid and visiting office of the placement agency. Many flight by night fraudsters are now in this crime.

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