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14.2.2012-After the receipt of reply to RTI application by Dwarka Forum that there is no record or minutes of the assurances given by the DDA to the residents in the first interaction held on 26.2.2011, a team of Dwarka Forum and other residents under the leadership of Shri Rajesh Gahlot, member DDA met the Chief Engineer, DDA. On the reply of the PIO, Mr. Solanki, CE said that the PIO may not be aware about the assurances given by the DDA in the absence of minutes and the reply had come from the office of the Supdt. Engineer which may be unaware of this development. The delegation was not fully convinced on the statement. However, Chief Engineer assured of suitable action on the assurances given.

The issue of dense carpeting was also raised and Shri Rajesh Gahlot said that if the tendering work may take more time, the pot holes should be filled with Ready Made Concrete (RMC) immediately and the CE agreed to his suggestion.

Rajesh Gahlot, member DDA
It was decided to launch a campaign for the removal of malba and to clean the area and it was agreed upon that this should start from Friday from sector 3 and will subsequently cover the other sectors.

Issue of covering the Madhu Vihar drain also figured and an early action was assured. CE assured cleanness drive in the sector 6 park adjoining Palam Extension. Shri Sushil Kumar stressed the early need of repair of DDA’s flats in sector 13 and Shri Solanki, CE informed that the DDA is changing the roofs of the damaged DDA’s flats in sector 13 instead of repairing them and this was welcomed by the residents’ representatives. He also informed that the DDA will also undertake repair of broken staircases of DDA’s flats in sector 14. The cover over manholes and drains will be in place on an urgent basis. He also agreed for an early action to complete the community centres at Bharthal, Pochanpur and Kakrola villages.

CE also assured of action on the broken road near DPS sector 13. Mr Gahlot also raised the issue of maintenance of water body at Kakrola, park at sector 12 behind MCD office, blockage of sewer at pocket 7, sector 12, cremation ground at Kakrola village. CE has assured of pre- mixing of old Palam Road. He also agreed of cleaning of park at sector 3, sheds in the park herbal park, near post office market, sector 6, repair of broken service lanes of the markets.

Shri Robin Sharma of Yyapar Mandal, Sector 6 raised the issue of toilet in sector 6 market and M. K. Gupta informed that work to cover deep drain at two points opposite Rudra and Youngster Societies on Road No. 201 as they are dangerous for the traffic and residents.

Meeting was chaired by Shri S. R. Solanki, Chief Engineer wherein Shri S.K. Gupta was also present. The participants were Shri Rajesh Gahlot, Member, DDA and Councillor, Sushil Kumar, Secretary, Dwarka Forum, Robin Sharma, Yyapay Mandal, M K Gupta, Dwarka Forum and others which was held on 13th at DDA’s Mangla Puri office.

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