M K Gupta
Media Adviser, Dwarka Forum

My LPG gas agency has supplied cylinder on 26th Oct. which was booked on 18th. I filed an RTI to Indian Oil where the agency wrongly represented that the same was supplied next day i.e. 19th. I challenged this information as the delivery slip has been signed with date and time and the case is before the second appellate authority under RTI.

Agency has overcharged Rs. 90/- and also challenged this by filling the complaint. The owner of the agency first sent deliveryman to my house earnestly requesting to withdraw the complaint, on my refusal to do so, the owner of the agency came with his brother, as claimed by the owner that he is his brother, to request me for the withdrawal offering repeated apologies. I also received call from an officer, who is responsible to hear complaint against the agency, of the Indian Oil requesting me to withdraw the complaint. I refused to her to do so.

Yesterday, the owner and his claimed brother came again along with two of my neighbours asking/ requesting me to withdraw the complaint. These two neighbours came earlier also twice but I was not at home. The owner said that in the last over 30 years, he has got no bad entry from Indane but due to this complaint, he will get bad entry. All this was due to the error of an employee whom he has terminated from the service. Moreover, his (owner) other brother is in GB Pant hospital as he had heart attack.

I do not know about the veracity of these statements but in the face of stiff moral pressure, I will have to withdraw the complaint/ RTI follow-up today by dashing an email to Indian Oil.

We generally state that “Shikaayat karne se kya Hoga? Kuchh nahin Hoga” but in this story, the conclusion drawn is to the contrary. Identity of the agency is not being disclosed on this mail but if any one desire, can be told on phone.

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