“God could not be everywhere and therefore he created mothers”

Special assembly was held on 13th May honouring mothers and motherhood. The assembly was carried out by Lakshmi Bai house in which children actively participated. The students presented a thought for the day, special talk followed by the teachers talk where the children were made to realize that Mothers Day is not a day where every woman who has given birth should be treated special but it is a day when every mother, caretaker, nurture, grandmother and every aunt are recognized for the wonderful jobs they do.

Apart from this the children enacted a small skit with posters and banners all around showing how every mother makes us feel that we are the best gift she has ever received from god.

The head of the school The Principal, Mrs. Mamta Gupta with her benign presence encouraged the children and appreciated their efforts. Blessings were showered on all the children by respected Manager Maa’m Mrs. Ramesh Kumari Bhardwaj. The programme was a grand success.

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