In the past three decades, cell phones have morphed from large silicone bricks to pocket-sized multi functional devices capable of just about anything. Cell phones can now do much more than just call and text—they can watch and record video, too. Picture and video quality on cell phones has increased exponentially, making images on all phones. Now, industry professionals are beginning to turn to the small screen as a serious medium for shooting and watching video.

Festival of “CELL PHONE CINEMA” was launched by International Film & Television Club of Asian Academy of Film & Television, an Academy which not only produces new generation film makers but also generates innovative ideas. The International Film and Television Club along with Marwah Studios once again bring to the world the 10th IFCPC (International Festival of Cell Phone Cinema) on January 11th and 12th, 2017 under the stewardship of Mr. Sandeep Marwah, also known as father of cell phone cinema.

We invite entries- Stills and visuals with duration of maximum 3 minutes. Kindly send your entries at-

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