18th Foundation Day of Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT) celebrated at Dwarka

 To commemorate the 18 years of Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT), Foundation Day celebrations were held in the kind presence of  Chief  Guest Mr. A K Upadhyay, IAS, Secretary (Youth Affairs) Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports with the fountain of cultural activities by trainee students of different UVCT centers at UVNAC Building on 18th October, 2010. Before reaching at the celebration premises, he visited the UVCT’s centers in Ramesh Nagar and Tagore garden.
On this occasion, scholarship under UVCT’s Ummeed scheme was given to two ‘Ummeed’ entrants namely Namit Godhra and Sandeep Yadav.  Apart from, four beneficiaries of UVCT’s Shakti Life Skill Education were specially invited to share their experiences of being a part of this unique course that has been studied and considered by UNFPA as basis for their international model.
Later on, the Hon’ble Chief Guest Mr. A K Upadhyay stressed on the significant role, commitment and efforts of UVCT in empowering the young India over the years. On this account, he said “it is not easy to build and run the trust like UVCT but involves lot of commitment and efforts of the people who are associated with it including the Chairman Dr. UNB Rao and the Vice Chairman Mrs. U Chaya.” He expressed that “this trust (UVCT) is a belief of dedication.” On giving out a message to the children who were present at the occasion, he said “when you (children) get in to the world, think what you have got from your family, school, society, country and world at large, besides think what you have contributed to your family, school, society and world and as well as the institutions like this trust that strives to shave your world.” At the end of his address, he appealed “All of you (children) please try to contribute your time and help this trust as per your capability when you complete your course from UVCT. All of us, people associated with UVCT and Government as well will try to help support this trust time to time.
Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT), a non-governmental and non profit Organization, was established in India in 1991. It was founded by Dr U N B Rao, IPS and his wife, Urivi Chaya , with the support of 60 other professionals and well meaning citizens.Besides its 11 centers functioning in 6 cities – Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam, & Delhi and alliance with a number of other organizations and institution, UVCT has currently expanded its horizons in the global arena with UVCT USA.In the year 2008, UVCT got a remarkable achievement with the set up of National Centre for Adolescents as Urivi Vikram National Centre for Adolescents (UVNAC). UVCT strives for the empowerment of adolescents and it’s priority target group comprises school-going children, drop-outs, under-achievers and underprivileged adolescents.  UVCT has a motto of finding ways and means to transform the world’s ‘Burden of Population’ into ‘Assets of Human Resources’, through a process of empowerment, rather than of control.