23 Nov. every year will be celebrated as the National RWA Day

A two day National Conference of the RWAs was organised at Paryatak Bhawan, CM Camp Office, Hyderabad to commemorate the RWA day fixed as 23 NOV every year during the last Conference. Dr Rao VBJ Chelikani brought out that RWAs are the fourth tier of Governance and he substantiated it with numerous data and examples.

Shri JMS Nagarjunan from Chennai,Ln Swatantra Prasad from Guntur, Mrs Aleyamma Jain from Delhi, Shri VS Venugopal from Trivandrum, Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi from Uttar Pradesh, Shri Shridhar from Bangalore, Shri Murtygaru from Chhatisgarh, Shri Sharad Kumar from Mumbai and all other delegates brought out the crying need of Recognition of RWAs as a ladder of Governance. They all said in one voice that every RWA is a primary school of Democracy. Shri nagarjunan said that if we do not pay taxes penal and punitivr action can be taken against us but if the Govt. misuses the tax payers money, who will penalise them. Let us take this responsibility under SWATCHTA ABHIYAN. Shri Venugopal said that let us work with two hands and 10 Fingers and let each finger be given a specific role in Public interest.

The Aims and Objectives of the National RWA Day were described as under :
· Build Relationship with Neighbours
· Create Vibrant Living Surroundings
· Promotye Tolerance for others
· Protect elderly and Vulnerable

A huge number of Representatives from the RWA Federations across 10 States of the Country today unanimously decided to observe 23 Nov as the National RWA Day. They also approved the tenet that whatever be the name of the welfare organisation like Sangarsh Samiti, Residents Forum, Apartment Owner Association, Co-operative Society, Flat Owners Association, Jan Kalyan Samiti etc, the umbrella name is RWA- Resident Welfare Association.

Chairman of the RWA Federation Ghaziabad Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi participated in this National RWA Day celebration and brought out that the immediate need is to pressurise the Government for taking preventive steps to check Water and Air Pollution.

A number of Programmes were organised on this occasion to uphold the importance and authority of RWAs. Maj Shivkanran, Shri B T Shrinivasan, Shri Baburao, Capt Mohan Kumar and a few others were given the appreciation certificates.