ANHLGT goes online

Cicily Kodiyan,
ANHLGT has lauched a Website . It is open for men, ladies and children. ANHLGT requests all Dwarakites and people from surrounding areas to log into this site to be part of the social change in Dwarka, that will bring about quality change in the lives of the people. The website contains features like discussions, forums, uploading photos, videos etc., where people can express their opinions, suggestions, complaints etc. and make this a highly interactive and productive website. To become an online member is very simple and free. All you should have is a valid E-mail ID. ANHLGT already has 600 Associate Lady members and has taken this step to have a broader reach in Dwarka, not only among ladies but with all the people. We look forward to your active participation to bring about a quality change in the lives of people in Dwarka.