Neemo Dhar
Commissioner – PR, DDA

Apropos news item published in some sections of the media regarding draw of lots of “DDA Housing Scheme – 2010” being held at CDAC premises in NOIDA. It is clarified that the draw is being held in NOIDA only due to the fact that the number of applicants of this particular scheme and also the number of flats being allotted under the scheme is high as compared to earlier schemes. CDAC has better wherewithal and expertise to conduct the draw of such a magnitude and as it is not possible to transport the requisite equipments from NOIDA to Vikas Sadan, the draw is being held at CDAC Headquarters in NOIDA.

We may add that the draw is totally computerized and is being held in a transparent manner in the presence of independent senior observers from diverse fields. As there is limited space at the CDAC premises it will be difficult to accommodate everyone wishing to witness the draw especially when there are 7.53 lakh applicants. The results of the draw will be uploaded on DDA website in and published in newspapers by 19th April, 2011.

DDA is fully conscious of its responsibility, therefore, no one should entertain any apprehensions regarding the process of the draw or its being held at NOIDA.