Clean Dwarka

dear friends,

subsequent to the pix i shared earlier, here are some more samples of the uglyness that is seen everywhere in the city in the shape of self styled hoardings, boards etc. that are spread all over.
tell me who is responsible for this and do all of us feel annoyed at these acts. i am sure there is MCD /DDA etc. who are supposed to at once uproot these boards etc. only few days ago the newly placed WELCOME DWARKA board at the entrance of the subcity at sec.1 after the flyover was defaced by some posters and now it looks scratched all over. It is again our leaders big or small, who do the self publicity at the expense of city aesthetics.
Abroad you hardly see any differently painted buildings, the ads and signages are also all uniformly similar which gives the whole town or city a distinct identity. Of course, foreign is foreign we never copy the good things, but we do imitate all the wrong and poor habits of the West! which they are also trying hard to get rid of.
Advise mr rejimon, where shall i send these pics and who will take action on these?
rgds/pradeep ivon
Row of dustbins: we do not need all of them carelessly lined togehter, they should be placed at right locations.