Delhi Police Advisory for safe Diwali


1. Only ‘Green’ crackers (Reduced emission firecrackers) can be manufactured and sold by Licensed
Traders/vendors. No other firecracker is allowed to be manufactured, sold and lighted/bursted;
2. Online sale of firecrackers is not allowed. Both, buyers and sellers shall be prosecuted;
3. Firecrackers(green) can be bursted/lighted only between 8 PM and 10 PM on Diwali Days;
4. Fire crackers can be lighted only in pre designated places/areas and at no other place;
5. Firecrackers cannot be lighted in any society premises, house, DDA pockets, village, street etc if those
places are not pre designated for community fireworks.
6. Educational institutes, Management Committees, NGOs, RWAs, MWAs, Police Mitras, SHO, Beat Officers
of the area may launch an awareness campaign for the implementation of orders of the Hon’ble Supreme
Court and ill effects of fireworks on environment;
7. Schools may administer oath on school children in prayers that they will not use unauthorized and illegal
firecrackers this Diwali;
8. Advisory and Orders of Hon’ble S.C and other instructions issued by police and civil authorities should be
displayed on notice board of Societies, RWAs, MWAs, DDA pockets and Village Panchayat Ghar etc for
due acknowledgment of their Residents;
9. NGOs working on pollution control may also come forward and launch some awareness campaign;
10. Any violation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court orders shall be dealt with legally. Action may be initiated
under Explosives Act, 1884, Explosives Rules, 2008, Section 146(1) of Delhi Police Act 1978, Explosive
Substance Act 1908, Air(prevention and Control of Pollution)Act 1981, Environment(Protection)Act 1986,
188 IPC and Contempt of Court proceedings etc.;
11. False complaint/call to PCR at 100 without substance reg. use of firecrackers by someone unauthorisedly
with malafide intention to cause any harm/harass shall be dealt with legally;
12. Firecrackers which have already been manufactured but do not fulfill the conditions fixed, will not be
sold, used and possessed in the NCR;
13. SHO of the concerned area shall ensure that fireworks take place only during the designated time and at
designated places. He shall also ensure that there is no sale of banned firecrackers. Please cooperate
with him in implementation of the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court on firecrackers in letter and
14. The licensed shop shall put “green crackers” sticker on all crackers cartoons and shop will display a
board that only ‘Green’ crackers are sold and will also display the copy of licence;
15. ‘No firecrackers’ and ‘Go green’ campaign to create awareness should be carried out by people in
command by holding of seminars, rallies, Nukkad natak, workshops, discussion, meetings, street play etc.
to control pollution in the area;

16. Police officers will also visit Schools of the area and make school children aware of ill effects of
firecrackers and will read over contents of orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court passed recently
regarding ban on firecrackers on them so that they may disseminate it further in their locality;
17. Purchase those firecrackers only which are approved and certified by the (Petroleum and Explosive Safety
Organization) PESO.
18. The manufacture, sale and use of joined firecrackers(series crackers or larees) are banned;
19. Firecrackers be purchased only from Licensed traders/vendors;
20. Firecrackers with unapproved or high decibel sound are not allowed;
21. Firecrackers shall not be lighted and burst in any silence zone;
22. Pamphlets, banners, display boards etc giving details of community firework designated places, penal
provisions, timing of fireworks etc. may be circulated in your respective pocket, society, village etc.
23. Sale and use of unauthorized Chinese firecrackers are prohibited.
24. Report every violation of the Hon’ble S.C orders reg. firecrackers to concerned SHO.
25. Ensure that when firecrackers are lighted by children some adult person must accompany them and
provision of water, sand and fire extinguisher etc. should be made.
26. Targeted trajectory of firecrackers should be avoided to avoid any harm to any citizen;
27. Avoid bursting of firecrackers near to old and ill people;
28. The orders passed by the Hon’ble SC are law of the land and everybody is bound to comply with it.
Ignorance of order is no excuse. The Violator would be dealt legally;
29. Required precautions should be taken to avoid theft and fire incident at home while the occupants of the
house are away at Community firework place from 8 PM to 10 PM. someone may stay back at home to
take care.
30. Wish you all happy, pollution free and safe Dewali.


PCR : 100 (24X7) (Toll Free) , Eyes and Ears : 1090 (Toll Free) ,Women in distress : 1091 ,Senior Citizen : 1291
ACP/Dwarka 91-11-28051587
Dwarka North (Sec 16) 91-11-28031878
Dwarka South (Sec 9) 91-11-25089326
Dwarka Sec. 23 91-11-28051583