The residents have honoured two environment friendly citizens taking utmost care of the herbal park in Sector 6, Dwarka today in the morning. These two persons caring for this are Jai Singh Dahiya and Ravi Nath Goel. About 3 years ago, this park was a barren piece of land forgotten by the DDA but now the picture is different because of untiring efforts of Mr. Dahiya, Mr. Bharati, Mr. R. N. Goyal and R.K. Sharma.

On this occasion, Dahiya was given the name of Park Purush. R.N. Goyal has retired as Secretary, Telecommunication and have planted different varieties of trees sapling of which were brought even from Goa and Uttranchal. Goyal is an example for others, he brings water from his house in the morning daily for watering the plants. On the occasion, suggestion for a Park Club to look after the park was given. M K Gupta of Dwarka Forum offered his service in drafting the RTI application for the parks in the area. The residents gathered on this occasion raised their voice against the absence of watchmen from the DDA though it has earmarked watchmen for this park. Due to their absence, park remains open 24 hours and proper care is not taken.

In honour of Shri Jai Singh Dahia, Shri J.B. Singh made known his feelings as follows:

“नाम के लिए DDA Park था ,
निर्जन और उजाड़ था ,
एक अनोखा हिम्मत वाला ,

खुद ही है पार्क का रखवाला ,
कात्यायनी सोसाइटी का रहने वाला ,
जय सिंह दहिया नाम है जिसका .
करता हूँ बुजुर्गों से आह्वान ,
वे भी कुछ कर दिखाएँ ऐसा ,
जिससे बन जाए उनकी भी पहचान ”.