Happy Birthday Ishaan

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you ISHAAN
Tum jiyo hazzaron saal, saal ke din ho pachas hazzar…Yes. Everyone in the birhday party of Master Ishaan Gupta was in the mood to sing the famous Hindi song.
The first birthday of Master Ishaan Gupta was celebrated by cutting cake on Sunday, the 9th March, 08 in Sector 10 at Manchahat Society. On auspicious occasion, his grand parents Sh.M. K. Gupta and Smt. Kamlesh Gupta have hosted a dinner party.The prominent personalities like Rejimon, Co-ordinator of Dwarka Forum, S.S. Dogra Managing Editor, Dwarka Parichay Team, Ashok Chaitanya, Advocate, Delhi High Court and Social Worker, Gabaji and Mr. B. Singh, Office bearer of Elephanta Apartments graced the celebration. Mr.Amit Gupta & Mrs. Ruchika Gupta, Dad & Mom of Ishaan thanked all the guests for blessing the baby.
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Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services