Predictions – Sagittarius

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

Personal: This year will be a time for social gatherings and events where you will be the centre of attraction. Your value as a skillful person with the know-how will not be questioned and your work would also make a progress through such outings and events. So be on the look out for new tidings while you are enjoying life to the fullest. However you might be the talk of the town and this might be a cause for jealousy and unnecessary rivalry. Be on guard.
Professional: Go charging ahead but see that you do not invite trouble by showing off or talking about your progress. A time where you need to put your ideas into action without double thinking. Others might see you as their counselor/advisor, you will be a mentor to someone or get the help of someone in a position of power for a good deed done.
Love: The year could culminate into a marriage or an arrangement which will leave you feeling secure and fulfilled. Those who have yet to meet their partners will do so through some family gathering or by some reference from family members. A time to enjoy the fruit of the seeds sown in the past.
General: Believing that you can achieve and get all you desire will make things easy and allow you to enjoy the wait while they manifest in actuality. Working towards a goal is your key for the year.

Prediction by Nisha – Tarot Reader & efforts of members from the Tarot Community . Special thanks to Navneet Gill, Kapila Monga, Bharadwaj, Vigya and Abhijit Monty for their contributions.

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Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services