Ruby would seek legal action against those who defaming her

I would seek legal action against those who tried to defame me told Ruby Yadav-Mrs. Universe-West Asia 2015 while addressing the Media in the Press Club of India. Mrs. Yadav claims that she has contested M.P. election as independent candidate from Delhi itself and done lot of work for the female community. On the basis of her hard work and capability she joined BJP and actively doing lot of work on Beti Bachao, Beti Padho, campaign & Party has blessed her with executive membership of BJP. She even won a Beauty Contest namely Mrs. Universe West Asia in Belarus and after this outstanding achievement in the field of glamour world and her social activities made her celebrity.

On 11th June, she organized a Rubz Fashions’ in association with ‘World Saksham Organization’ to spread the awareness of “Beti Bachao Beti Padao” at Slven Chef Farm in which 5 beautiful ladies were judged the winners in different categories on the bases of talent, intelligence, poise and elegance. But next day, Maya Singh & Nancy Kohli imposed some allegation against her & posted on social media network. When Ruby came to know about all this defaming act from these ladies, she also exposed & transparently she showed all the facts & email communications and clarified the allegation imposed against her. According to Ruby Yadav, she is always work for the all round development & welfare for the female fraternity. She further added that the Indian female are more talented and have all the qualities to excel on the global level with her beauty and intellectuality.