Sri Vis celebrated annual prize CUM SPORTS day

On 24 December 2016, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector-18, Dwarka had an extravagant celebration of excellence. The event was not just a momentary win but a joyous culmination of the hours, weeks, and months of toil. It was time to prove that we may not be the strongest or fastest but we can train the hardest! 

The event saw the presence of the Chief Guest Padamshree Milkha Singh and the Guest of Honour Lt. Col. Satyendra Verma, legends who lead inspirational lives and are constantly motivating us with the fire of high spirits manifested by their personal heroism, power, talent, devotion and dedication they have epitomized. Many other luminaries bedecked the dais apart from the Chairman Mr Sailander Solanki and the Principal Ms Nita Arora. The audience was held spellbound when the legendary Olympian unfurled the national flag and delivered a most inspiring and enlightening speech with a gentle reminder to parents that they need to be vigilant and sensitive to the talents and dexterity of their children that often goes unnoticed and unrewarded. He waits the day when someone would defeat his past track record – that would be a truly winning moment for him and the nation he feels indebted to. 
The mega event was heralded with a Cavalry Salute with Master Aryan Vashisht and Master Vardaan mounted on horseback. This was followed by a splendid Inter-House March Past, a competitive event between the four Houses Sincerity, Value, Integrity and Strength. 
The Inter-House Mass P.T. Display was followed by vigorous group dance invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha and the air reverberated with the clash of Lezium and Dandia. The union of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness was evident in the spectacular display of Yoga. The holistic fitness package inspired the city dwellers to invest in the novel emotional integration and spiritual alleviation, therapeutic and curative science. A Ball Drill with different ball games, including Volleyball, Throwball, Handball, Football and Basketball was demonstrated thereafter followed by Rhythmic Gymnastics that resonated with agility, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance and above all having fun! 
Footloose was a nimble footed novel dance style promoting fitness while the track events were on. The day would not have been complete without the Taekwondo [Poomase] display –not just a combat sport, but a way of life for enthusiasts around the globe. 

With wheels fitted on their shoe the school Skaters enthralled the audience with remarkable ease and effortlessly twisted and twirled on their rollerblades during their stellar performance.

The Milkha Sure Fit Fitness regime confirmed that “Fitness is a habit, give it to your child since the beginning” endorsed by Mr. Milkha Singh himself. Rope Skipping reflected that the perimeter of a rope holds endless possibilities. It was more of an expression, an art with laudable symmetry and triangular formations, impeccable timing and impressive footwork.

Padamshree Milkha Singh, India’s Flying Sikh and Lt Col Satyendra Singh presented the School academic and Sports awards at the event. The Chief Guest Padmashree Milkha Singh released a book written by a Sri VIS family member Ms Asfiya Rahman, mother of Sarah Ali and awarded prizes for Academic Excellence, Kala Utsav Cash Awards, CBSE Science Exhibition and Sports excellence. Aparna Joshi received the Principal’s Award for Leadership & the Chairman’s Award for Excellence was bagged by the Sports Captain Deepankar Aggarwal. Sincerity House lifted the overall Sports Championship & the Integrity House lifted the co-curricular Championship Trophy. 
Aerobics & Zumba was a befitting end to the magnificent day of fun with fitness, grooving to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and meringue music felt more like a fun dance routine than a workout. Deepankar Aggarwal, Sports Captain extended the vote of thanks as the event came to a close with the lowering of the Flag and Retreat Ceremony.

The clarion call was articulate to pronounce –
Undefeated we stand; Enjoying the fruit of victory
We don’t need a loud proclamation of the band; We’re winners with our own unique story.