As you know Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September every year. It’s basically celebrated in the memory of Dr. Radha Krishnan’s birthday. Dr. Krishanan was also the second President of India. Actually, Dr. Krishanan was a teacher by profession. This day has its own significance for the teachers’ community. In our school, on this day, the students are given the special duty of teachers to teach the students. Last year, I enjoyed the moment when I also became the teacher and taught my colleagues. It was really wonderful experience for me and I tried to copy my favourite teachers style & felt the importance of this respectable job indeed.
Teacher has a great role in every body’s life as he/she is the best guide/friend to shape
the career in more productive manner. Therefore, he/she is given due respect by everyone. The teachers are like God who teaches us many useful things of life through their subjects. I personally feel that parents have given us birth but to make our life more worth full depends upon our teachers. So, we should respect our teachers who really shape our future and make us a responsible citizen too. Let’s pray for them to live long and healthy life.