Tribute to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

A morning programme brought together leading scholars, young poets and singers from around Delhi and Dwarka who presented their tributes through discussions and songs, composed poems to Ravindranath Tagore on 9th August at Dwarka. The programme was graciously hosted by Pahal Social Organisation in collaboration with poet Jayashri Ray and Aditi Roy. Child artists from Melody Foundation and Shinjini Dance Academy impressed the audience with their graceful performances. Shri Debashish Bagchi brought out the nuances of Tagore’s paintings through an illustrated talk followed by intricacies of Tagore’s drama elaborated by Shri Bishwajit Sinha. Important issues of translated works of Tagore at home and abroad were presented by Dr. Nandita Ray. An innovative ‘‘Shruti Natak’ presented by Shri Jayanta Basu and Smt. Anjana Dutta was highly appreciated by all. Tagore’s songs presented by Smt. Anisha Ray enthralled the audience. The touching recitation by Dr. Mukurdipi Ray and self composed poems presented by poets Smt. Jayashri Ray and Shri Pijush Ray concluded the programme. Shri Sailen Shaha anchored the programme with patience and fortitude. The programme of tribute to Tagore was indeed an encouragement for Pahal Social Organisation and the organisers to share the event with Dwarka and NCR community.