VIBGYOR celebrated at R D Rajpal School

The whole atmosphere at R.D. Rajpal School, Dwarka, was echoing with sounds of laughter and shrieks of joy from the thousands of children gathered to celebrate Vibgyor on 30th November and 1st December, 2013. The programme started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Mr. Ishwer Rajpal, Chairman, Mr. Subhash Rajpal, President, Mrs. Alka Kshatriya, Principal and other eminent guests. The annual report presented by the principal highlighted the milestone achievements of the school in the academic, co-curricular activities and sports fields.

The gala environment providing joy rides, giant wheel, potter’s wheel, puppet show, magic show and delicious food stalls proved ideal for children as well as the parents to enjoy to their hearts’ content. The ocean of humanity, numbering to more than 3000, thronging the food stalls, fun rides, Giant Wheel and other interesting stalls were seen to enjoy every moment.

Competitions in colouring, Fancy Dress, Recitation, Music, Dance-solo as well as group-saw massive participation by the very young children of schools in and around Dwarka. It was a rare treat for the eyes to see the tiny tots dressed in colourful costumes dancing to lively, rhythmic tunes- they drew maximum applause from the audience.

The magic show helped the spectators to escape into a world of fun- filled activities and gave some delightful moments of enchantment. Potter’s wheel corner attracted maximum crowd with adults and children vying with one another to try their hands in giving shape to the pots and diyas of their own design. The puppet show was another item that held adults and children awe-struck. The Madhubani Painting was a corner which found many inquisitive art lovers posing queries to the artist.

The venue for the Baby Show was the most vibrant venue where the chubby infants and very young children were seen bubbling with joy and playing with colourful, huge balls, bigger than them.