We Won’t Stop Until We Win

Dear friends across India, 

The Cabinet has approved a weak and ineffective “Joke-Pal” draft for Parliament — betraying the overwhelming public mandate for a strong anti-corruption law. But public outrage is rapidly turning to bold, nationwide action — we can join in and supercharge this historical moment.

The future of the fight against corruption is now in the hands of the standing committee, and they have the power to strengthen the Cabinet’s weak Lokpal . We know they will only act to regulate themselves and their friends if public pressure gives them no other option. Anti-corruption protests planned across India in the next weeks will powerfully send the message: we won’t stop until we win!

Already, the government has moved to quash Anna Hazare’s upcoming protest in Jantar Mantar — showing their fear of public outcry. Let’s double the energy we brought to support Anna last April. By standing together in our own towns, parks and communities, we will show our leaders the power of India’s anti-corruption movement. Click below to find an action near you, then join in with your friends and family:

Click the link to see the schedule of actions 

The Parliament has just begun the much anticipated monsoon session. After months of promises and bureaucratic delays, Congress wants to pass a Lokpal bill that does little to fight corruption in their ranks. Under the proposed Joke-pal, the PM, the entire Judiciary and 75% of all civil servants would be immune from investigation — leaving them to steal our money and force bribes with impunity.

But the government has heard about the hundreds of protests planned across India to support the Jan Lokpal and a real anti-corruption bill. Anna Hazare is already making waves: he has said he is ready to face lathis, jail, bullets, starvation — he is willing to sacrifice his life for India’s desperately needed strong anti-corruption legislation. Now is the time for us to stand with Anna and thousands of brave activists in the streets and tell the government that we will fight against corruption until we win!

Throughout this month, citizens across the country are forming small teams and undertaking padyatras. On August 9th, we will gather to tear up and burn the government’s Jokepal in protest of the weak and ineffective proposal. And on August 16th, we will start relay hunger fasts across the country to support Anna Hazare and many other brave citizens on hunger strike. Click the link to see the schedule of actions across the country and sign up with friends and family:

Click the link to see the schedule of actions 

Three months ago, our movement catapulted corruption to the top of the national agenda and won promises from Singh and his cabinet for historic action. Since then, we’ve delivered over a million messages to key decision makers: flooding their offices with emails, faxes and phone calls; presenting hard-hitting stunts and billboards; and gaining massive coverage in the media. Let’s now pull out all the stops and show the whole country and the world we are determined to take on corruption and win.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Emma, Saloni, Luis, Ben, Shibayan and the rest of Avaaz Team