1st Sunny Valley Cricket League held in Dwarka

On friday night November 13, people in and around Sector-12 witnessed the opening of 1st Sunny Valley Cricket League on the occasion of Children’s Day.

Sunny Valley Resident Welfare Association celebrated Children’s Day in a unique way by organizing night cricket tournament for the first time in Dwarka. The event was held on 13th, 14th & 15th November’09 between 7pm – 12 mid-night.
It was an instant success as the residents participated with great zeal and enthusiasm and the rest supported the initiative. Junior Championship saw participation of 24 kids forming Black & Blue teams. Senior Championship saw participation of 30 adults forming Red, Blue and Black teams.

There were 3 matches for Juniors and 4 matches for Seniors. Juniors matches had a limit of 8 overs a side and Senior matches had a limit of 10 overs a side. The matches were played using a Tennis balls for the safety of the houses, cars and crowd.
There were Prizes given for Junior & Senior category respectively. Winning Trophy, Medal for each player of winning teams, Man of the Series, Best Bowler, Best Batsman and individual Man of the Match. Junior Champions were Blue where as Red won Senior Championship.

There were sufficient seating arrangements for the event. Spectators including elderly, parents, kids, watched the show amongst huge excitement sipping tea and munching snacks on all the three pleasant nights of the tournament. Even Metro riders could not hold their anxiety and expressed their happiness by waving at participants. Most of the on-lookers stopped and watched the proceedings with similar interest.

Mr. Abhinav Saxena had been the main driving force behind this event, from conceptualizing the idea and executing it. Prizes to the participants were given by the Secretary of the Sunny Valley Managing Committee, Mr. K.S.Verma, Mr. Jai Mudgil (President, Dwarka Residents Welfare Association), Mrs. Pratibha Verma (Secretary, Dwarka Residents Welfare Association), along with Mrs. Bala Sharma, Mrs. Indu and Mrs. Murti Devi, Mr. Ravinder Singh and Dr. Kulbir Singh.

Event organizers have been approached by other societies to include them during next such celebration.