AASSS organized donations for Uttarakhand Disaster

As we are well aware that people still stuck in what is described as the worst natural disaster that has ever struck the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. Heavy rains wreaked havoc in Uttarakhand and leaving thousands homeless.

In this hour of need – (AASSS) organized a collective drive for a week in the society. We have received an overwhelming response from our residents and from in and around of Dwarka. In that drive, we have received materials include RICE, DAL, SUGAR, TEA, MILKPOWDER, MEDICINES, SANITARY ITEMS AND BLANKETS etc.. etc.. (Photo Attached). Also, we have received a total sum of Rs. 1,60,517/- (Rs. One Lac Sixty Thousand Five Hundred Seventeen Only) by cash & cheque.

We have handed over all the materials to Saibaba Temple, Najafgarh on Monday 1st July 2013 from there they will be dispatching every Tuesday to Uttarakhand by truck.

We had sent a cheque from AASSS account for Rs.1,01,817/- and a cheque for Rs.53,700/- on account of Chief Minister Relief Fund, Uttarakhand to Chief Minister Uttarakhand. A cheque of Rs.5,000/- had been sent to PM Relief Fund to Prime Minister’s Office, New Delhi.

Citizen’s Reporter
Shanker E