ANHLGT organized get-together in sector-6, Dwarka

ANHLGT organizes get-together monthly  program in every sectors of Dwarka. Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Basic Life Support Training, Health Awareness camps like Arthritis Awareness, Cancer Awareness etc along with music, dance and tambola are included in these get-together. The members who are attending the program can win prizes in the lucky draw.

ANHLGT has started website to have more interaction and discussion among the people- not only ladies, men, children can join.

On 5th October 2011 at Vasundhara Apartment, sec-6 and 8th October 2011 at Chitrakoot Apartment, sec-22 such get-together were organized. In both the places Yoga Acharya Ms. Sudha Singh taught the benefits of mudras. How the tip of the fingers can help you to safeguard your health, pranayama technique (breathing exercise) can improve your memory and some special yogas for eye sight, frozen shoulders, spondilities etc.

 Therapy Ayurveda will be giving to the members of ANHLGT 25% discount and to their family 15% discount. And Columbia Asia hospital is giving 10% discount in all the treatments and free Ambulance service.

After 40 minutes of yoga there was music and dance. Tambola and other instruments were there. Smt. Promila Malik, Mrs. Suman Tomar, Mrs. Asha Varshney, Mrs. Akshara and others sang. After tambola and lucky dip, refreshments were served.