A Day in the Life of a Flower

Hooaa ! I am going to bloom. 

Growing bigger from that small room.
see! Here grow my beautiful petals.
Now, I can even hear the milkman’s rattle
Oh! Here comes my friend, the bee
come, suck some nector from me.
No, stop it! You notorious boys,
Go away , and play with other toys.
If you come near me you will hurt my petal.
Your ball hits me like metal.
Oh! The noon sun burns me,
Thank you, O’ shady tree.
Hey! Come you little girls
See, my petals and leafy whirls
Please don’t pluck petals from me,
But you can smell them, its free
Now the night is falling
And I desperately wait for the morning
I am going to bloom!!!!

Pragya Dewan
Class VII 

Sri Venkateshwar International School