Annual extravaganza at Balbharati Public School, Dwarka

It was a moment of glory, exhilaration and triumph as the school celebrated its 19th Annual Day with grandeur extraordinaire. An impressive Student Council and therythmic school band welcomed the dignitaries; the Chief Guest, Prof. Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor, Delhi Technological University and Director, NSIT and the Guest of Honour, Shri Shahnawaz Hussain, Spokesperson BJP, Former Cabinet Minister. Luminaries from Board of Management headed by the school Chairman, Mr. L.R.Channa and parent community graciously joined in for the programme. The splendidly decorated and enchanting ambience was a delectable treat for the eyes.

The event befittingly strung together captivating cultural performances. It began with a euphonic rendition ‘Rhapsodical Confluence’ orchestrated by the school ensemble which was followed by Invocation Dance- ‘Divine Gyrations’ and the mesmerizing ‘Legacy of Love’,a mellifluous saga wherein the school choir wove magic through the evening. The ballet ‘AatmManthan’, a theatrical extravaganza, reiterated the power of positive parenting and the need to recollect and nurture the lost dreams of our children. The bedecked school threw open its doors to one and all with an exemplary display of perfection impressing the audience with outstanding histrionics. The Montessori ballet ‘ BBPS Dwarka- a school of limitless possibilities’, emphasized that setting newer benchmarks and eroding preconceived notions is a way of life at BBPS, Dwarka.The Grand Finale aptly culminated the grandiloquent celebrations wherein the school Principal Ms. Suruchi Gandhi presented the vote of thanks and expressed her belief that the children will carry forward the legacy of true education engrained in the vision and mission of the school.