“Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men cannot do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women were not created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.”

They say God took a lot of extra time while he created women….his master-piece ….as the specifications which he chose were unbelievable to be true. Though so soft herself, she possesses such strength that one can’t imagine what she can survive and overcome. She is indeed marvelous…as her forbearance amazes men, she is capable of forgiving and loving unconditionally even the unworthy, she smiles when she feels like crying and cries when she is happy. Yet woman is not perfect as she has just one drawback…..that she often forgets that she is ‘worthy’.

Womanhood is a unique gift of God. It’s beauty, endurance, compassion and magnanimity is no comparison to anything else. Men can never match up to what being a woman is OR what she can do. You are extra ordinarily far above girls and women….The life sustains on our planet because of you …..There is purpose, poise and divinity in life, because of you. But it’s only when you are ‘you’. So you don’t need to think about falling into someone else’s shoes. Take pride in your feminity and uniqueness.

Celebrate being a ‘real’ woman of substance, not just on 8th March, but every second of everyday.

Anuradha Govind

J M International School