Arcadia 2014 :An Interschool multifaceted fest at PARAMOUNT

The two day Inter-School Fest ‘ARCADIA’organized by Paramount International School , Sector 23 Dwarka ,New Delhi culminated on 12th Aug’14 .With a meaningful theme of Indian Culture i.e ‘BHARAT-ek Sanskriti ek Virasat, the entire school was humming with traditional décor and get up .More than 15 schools participated in the fest.

Creativity infused with a cultural touch gave a novel outlook to all the competitions .To name a few- Incredible India ,Craftsmen, Shourya Gatha etc. won special appreciation of the guest schools .

The host schools’ students exhibited exceptional qualities of being a Quiz Master ,A Movie maker, an expert craftsmen and what not !!.The host school bagged many prizes too. Such interschool fests are indeed a much required platform to bring forth the hidden inherent talents of students and to develop their public speaking skills too !!.The culture of India was brought to life in Paramount International School Kudos !!