Dr. M. C. Jain
M.A. Ph.D. (Psychology )

Which is your favourate number? Which is your lucky number? We often discuss such things with our friends and relatives and sometimes we find answers and sometime not. But what is reality behind this? Is there any importance of the NUMBER(S) in our life? Can a particular number change our life style? But it is true that the number from 1 to 9 plays an important role in our life.

Every number is unique and has its own importance in shaping the form of the life of the human beings. Let us take an example .Those whose favourate number is 1 are the persons who like to lead from the front and are capable of doing better in their life. Such persons are the master of their own fate. And the person whose favourate number is 2 seems imaginative, romantic, gentle and dreamy. Such persons are mostly creative . Similarly whose favourate number is 3 are the persons who may be considered as disciplined persons. They may be considered as wealthy and prosperous and also ambitious. The persons whose favourate number is 4 are intelligent and may rise up to the great prominence in their life. Number 5 also plays an important role and has its own importance. Such persons seem versatile and genius in its characteristics. They are adjustable in every situations and circumstances in their life. The person whose favourate number is 6 seems peace loving, romantic and sensitive. Such person seems emotional in their behavior and dealings. Those favourate number is 7 are the persons who seems independent and are self-made. Such people are creative and energetic in their life. Number 8 persons are quite, intelligent, energetic and ambitious. They may have high ambitions in their life to achieve. Those whose favourate number is 9 are straightforward in nature, hot tempered, impulsive,impetus, stubborn and inflexible in mind and in nature. They are fighters and argumentative. Such people are hasty in temper and considered themselves their own masters. Such people have a dominating nature and may make many enemies in their life.