art N art Annual Art Exhibition 2014 Organised by Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation

Prembabu Sharma

Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation (NSAC) has conducted “art n art” a Group Show of Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Art & Craft which was inaugurated by Mr. Vijender Sharma (Renowned Artist) and Mr. Narender Chanchal (Bhajan Samrat) in which 45 artists from all over India participated with great ebullience and zest. As NSAC is already aiming at fostering art and dedicated to the connatural value of art. It focuses at “Connecting People” and bridging the gap between the states by assembling such events. NSAC Org. rendered artists an opportunity to launch their newly artistic creation and allow them to give way to their imagination. As said by Pablo Picasso – “Everything you imagine is real”. So, Organisation’s motive is to enhance the charm of society towards art by giving shape to their thoughts.

Art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves, it is something that makes us more thoughtful and well rounded humans. Art is functional and aesthetically pleasing to our eyes.

“art n art” is a powerful rostrum which proffer artist an opportunity to furnish themselves. Art of writing, art of singing or the art to impose the feelings on canvas through brushes with the help of colours, art in any form is art said by Mr. Vijender Sharma.

“art n art” has curated by Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation in Artizen Art Gallery, Pearey Lal Bhawan, 2 Bahadur Zafar Shah Marg, New Delhi from 25 th to 31st August 2014, Timing 11am to 7pm.

On behalf of Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation, Members of the team invite all the visitors to learn about and engage with the artworks and appreciate their artistic creation.

List of Artists Anirudh Khanna, Anita Nigam, Anju Chaudhary, Anupam Singh, Archana Jha, Arun Kamti, Aruna Gupta, Dipali Nad, Gurinder Pal Singh, Huzaifa Zafar, Inku Kumar, Jaimala, Jyoti Sharma, Kanchan Gupta, Kevin Massey, Manya Gadhok, Meeta Rampal, Meetu Juneja, Dr.Megha Arora, Mohit Manocha, Namrta Singh, Naveen Verma, Neelesh Ganesh, Nidhi Agarwal, Nitiksha Dawar, Pallavi Kaushik, Pradeep Kumar, Punam Walia, Rachna Verma, Radhika Aggarwak, Radhika Mittal, Rashmi Surana, Ravinder Kumar, Sanjana Sharma, Sapna Meena, Satyavrata Sharma, Shilpi Chauhan, Sonia Kaur is Princess, Surbhi Khaitan, Umesh Kumar, Vaishali Rastogi, Vijender Sharma, Yatinder Moria, Yogesh Sehgal