“Yoga & Meditation are secret of my beauty” – Yukta

Yukta Mookhy, 5’11″ tall lady with beautiful figure, soft spoken and sharp mind who crowned the Miss World ’99 brought glory for her country. In an exclusive interview with S.S.Dogra-Managing Editor- dwarkaparichay.com , Miss World Yukta Mookhy shared her views during the release of her latest movie Mem Sahab. Excerpts.

Q.What is your desire as an artist?
Dogra ji, It is really dreams come true for every artist to work with Amitabh Bachhan or Shahrukh Khan. I have the same desire to work with both of them.

Q.Why this is your third film?
Because I believe in quality not in quantity.

Q.What kind of films you still want to do?
I am willing to do a film like Umrao Jaan, Bandini and Pakija. To remain forever in the hearts of movie lovers.

Q.What are your hobbies?
Acting, dance, singing, watching good TV programmes, of course, reading and now writing as well.

Q.What are your sentiments with India?

In early childhood, I studied and lived in Muskat (U.A.E.), near Dubai. When I was 7 years old our family moved from there at that time I was furious and not interested at all to come back to India. My mother forced and guided me to respect our great nation India.
Now, I realize that “Saare Jehan se Accha Hindustan Hamara” India is the best place in the world.

Q.Your views about India?
Actually, one birth is not enough to explore India. That’s why I want to born once again in India. Because the people, different religions, languages, places, geographical beauties like Mountain peaks, plains, coastal regions, islands etc. are the major attractions of this great nation. Moreover, we have talents, capability, intelligence power to compete any one in the world.

Q. What is the story of Mem Sahab?
The movie is primarily based on the ‘ 84 riots which happened in Delhi. I play the role of a girl who is a displaced victim of the riots. The story opens in a brothel where ANJALI MEMSAHAB is the star attraction of the brothel . She is a prostitute but does not understand where she has come from and how she landed up in this profession.She is haunted by nightmares and memories of a past that is not clear. Her journey is that of a woman trying to find peace with herself .

Q. Explain the team behind the film?
It has been directed by Arshad Siddique —Produced and Presented by Haroon Sayed of ANI —Assara Nirman India. A very well scripted and directed film. Good music by Murlidharji.

Q.What is the message of the film?
The message of the film is to STOP VIOLENCE . Whether it was during the partition or 1984 or 1992-1993 Bombay blasts or recent Gujarat riots …violence communal political or religious always leaves society crippled and innocent children on the streets.

Q. What is the secret of your beauty?
I do meditation and yoga regularly, I think that keeps me fresh and beautiful.

Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information services