Awareness Series – Passport , Speed Post

M K Gupta, 9810550172.
When an officer of Delhi police visits you for verification for the issue of passport, don’t send him dry if you want perfect police report. This is a lesson Amit Gupta of Dwarka has recently learnt. 
He has applied for the reissue of passport and a Delhi Police official visited him on 10th July who after seeing all the documents and taking the photocopies of some documents, said that he is satisfied and nothing more is desired.  On intimation from the Passport Office that there is some deficiency in police report, a complaint to police department by his father was made.  In response to the complaint, he has received an email from email id “apbr Acp” that  the report was sent as “short stay” though the proof of both the stay during the last one year were shown to the police officer, as desired.  After the verification, he said that he is satisfied and nothing more is required.  An innocent applicant was not aware that still, some thing more may be required.  Reply to the email has been sent stating the facts and mentioning that it seems that the applicant is being harassed deliberately.

After booking speed post, please do not take for granted that the post has been delivered to the addressee and always check its movement particulars on Postal department website as my five emails sent from Sector 6, Dwarka, New Delhi post office to Central Information Commissioner, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi-110067 have not reached there.
India Post website states that the speed post booked on 13th April, 2010 under booking number ED920063335IN was delivered through Anna Road HO, Chennai on 13th May.  Second and third speed posts booked on 5.3.10 under booking numbers ED015036562IN and ED015036681IN have reached Junagard 8.3.10.  No further information about their delivery on the website is available. Curiously, postal department website states that these were booked from Ahmedabad. The delivery status of fourth speed post booked under speed post number ED675715308IN is not available on the website.  Incidentally, the website inform that my other speed post booked on 6.7.2010 under number ED022351321IN was delivered on Saturday, 7th August while at the CIC, Saturday is Holiday. Now, I am submitting second copies of some mails to CIC.  In some cases, CIC has adversely decided some cases in the absence of delivery of my mail.