Daily metro consumers and representatives of Resident Welfare Association in the National Capital Region have strongly protested against steep hike in metro fare announced by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and has demanded immediate roll back .

“The steep hike of more than 60 % in maximum fare from present Rs 30 to Rs 50 will adversely affect the daily commuters going to schools, colleges, office and other establishments .The new fare slabs announced of Rs 10, Rs 15, Rs 20, Rs 30, Rs 40 and Rs 50.are too steep and will affect the household budget which is already heavily stretched” said Angry daily commuter Ms Isha Swami, who travels daily for office from Delhi by metro .

“ Delhi and the entire National Capital Region lacks reliable public transport except Metro rail, the steep hike announced by DMRC will affect the monthly budget , high prices of vegetables, school fee and essentials have already added to our woes. They should improve the public transport and make it more affordable rather than increasing fares” said Mr Ritesh Dewan, Secretary, Delhi Residents Forum, Who travels daily for work to various places in NCR in metro.

“ During office hours we are already travelling in metro like sardines , I shall have to shell out about 20 % of my salary on my and my school and college going children’s commuting. Moreover, even after paying up, I will have to suffer the jam packed services of metro with one or the other line faulty at any given time . It is already difficult to support the family “ said Mr Varinder Arora, Convener Delhi Residents Forum.

“ We have already been hit hard by inflated power bills, increasing school fees, inflation, increasing vegetables prices and now this increase in Metro fares. We want an immediate rollback of the decision,’ said Mrs Ritu Bhatia, of Mahila Pragatisheel Association, an NGO working for betterment of women in Delhi.

‘It is totally an unwarranted hike. The government thinks it can do anything after its victory in recent elections . This hike will have a negative effect on the elderly, people with disabilities, low-income workers, and other individuals who are dependent upon public transportation.” Said Mr said Syed Mujibur Rahman, President,Aman committee , Jama Masjid.who has to make business trips in Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida on Metro.

“As most of people rely on public transportation It feels like it really improves the quality of life where I live and economic development through transportation helps build the economy but steep hike in metro fare will slow it down and hurt kitchen the most .Government should immediately roll the hike back,” added Mr Ritesh dewan