Bridging Gaps

‘Break your shell and see….the world is beyond colours’.

As a part of face to faith programme a video conferencing session was conducted in the school. St Joseph’s Nudgee College, Australia was the partner in the interactive session with us. The students on both the sides were excited and eager to interact with each other. The session began on a warm welcoming note and then they gradually started discussing the daily routine, school activities, leisure activities etc.

Amanya Shukla (VIII) Sri.V.I.S. asked a question to St Joseph’s Nudgee College students that what is their daily routine and what they do in their leisure time? The answer made our students feel that cultural divergence didn’t really made any difference. As the routine was similar on the ground level and they possess common interests. In addition to what they said, the students of the partner school showcased a collage of the activities in their school so that a strong correlation can henceforth be developed amongst the culturally distinct students.

The students of St Joseph’s Nudgee College were curious to know that how do we pray in India?. Apoorvo Chakarborty (VI) told them that since India is a land of diverse culture and religions therefore people living here pray differently. He even illustrated the body gestures required for praying.

On answering a question on values and charity, Nakul Gupta (VIII) showed them a silver plaque which SVIS received as a token of appreciation from the Chief Minister Of Delhi by Child Line Foundation for fund raising as well as explained the value system they are exposed to in school and in society. The students of Sri V.I.S. even talked about the global issue of terrorism and its solution. The heightened awareness of our young brigade was well recognised by the partner school.

At the end both the schools appreciated each other for the endeavour which contributed in abridging the gaps as well as in providing a broader vision towards one another’s culture. This Video conferencing session made learning more fun, more alive and effective since the remote teacher and student can actually see, talk, react and respond to one another on-screen in real-time. This helped in building connections between the two schools which will ultimately result in promoting tolerance and peace in the world in years to come. As the idea is to acknowledge the differences , celebrate them and exist in perfect accord.