Campus placements making a ridicule of engineering graduates.

As the placement coordinator (for the session 2008-09) of INDIRA GANDHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (IGIT), Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Kashmere Gate, Delhi, a government engineering institute for girls; I would like to enlighten you with the point wise facts regarding the cancellation of our placement offers by CDOT (Centre for Department of Telematics), due to which the future of more than approximately fifty students holds in dark.
CDOT’s senior officials visited/requested our college’s TPO/Principal, Mr. Ashwani Kumar, to conduct an on campus recruitment drive on 29th and 30thJuly 2008, for the post of Research Engineer (RE).
Our TPO considered their request and allowed them for the same.
The on campus selection process held and monitored by the Key personals of CDOT- Delhi center and they allowed to appear only the students who had secured above 70% marks (till then).
From our college seventeen girl students were selected in the process out of the batch of approximately sixty eight students and all the selected students were of very high credentials. Moreover four toppers from each branch were also given direct offers by the CDOT.
After the completion of the selection process, the officials of CDOT issued a selection letter, comprising names of the selected students to the TPO/Principal Mr. Ashwani Kumar (the copy of the duely signed letter, by CDOT officials is enclosed herewith for your kind referral).
Verbally, before leaving our campus, and making several telephonic inquiries regarding the joining date/letter they assured that it will be in the month of August 2009.
Thereafter, the same process they adopted for other colleges also e.g. IITs,NITs,DCE,NSIT,PEC,IT-BHU, and Jadhavpur University (letters enclosed). And issued joining letters only to the students of IITs and NITs, making them to join in the month of August 2009. After when we came to know about this, we personally/telephonically inquired about the joining letters of the remaining students, then the HR executive Ms. Shweta Jha, strongly assured us all that our letters have only been deferred but certainly will be issued in due course.
Sorry , to inform you that suddenly on 2nd Sept 2009, the HR executive Ms. Shweta Jha, issued a cancellation email for the joining of all the remaining students (enclosed herewith for your kind reference). Due to this, the future of several the brilliant engineers is at the stake now. Most of them already refused their placements offers in other reputed MNC’s and also several postponed their higher studies e.g. MBA,, GRE etc. Also all of us were not allowed by our college, to take the placement exam of any other company after being selected by CDOT.
On which grounds and basis they cancelled the placements of few students (other than IITs and NITS) only?
If they were prepared to give the placement to the IITians and NITians then why they recruited the students from other Govt. colleges?
This attitude of CDOT shows that some manipulations are there, which is totally against egalitarianism in the field of education prompt in INDIA.
Due to this unethical action by the CDOT authorities, we all engineers are morally depressed and mentally tortured, since past fourteen months. Who will be responsible for the future of all of us?
Moreover, on 24th August there was an interview of Mr. P V Acharya(ED), CDOT that they have completed 25 successful years of research and development and are still having lots of new projects in hand to be completed. So how they cancelled our joining, since there still must be the requirement of the manpower?
Thus, this whole episode has made the fun of the campus recruitment process. It’s a kind of racisism in the education field, where the Govt. Itself is preferring IITs and NITs (central Govt. Colleges), when all the students had undergone the same selection procedure for their jobs. Why everyday our education minister, our HRD minister and the PM himself, promises for the bright young India with “equal education for all”, when they themselves want IITs & NITs only. All other state’s Govt. engineering colleges and universities must be closed according to them.
Therefore, we need your support to roar the voice of the victimized engineering graduates through your fair and unbiased channel.
Thanks and Regards

All the students victimized by CDOT