Mantra Chanting With Psychic Symbols May Connect You to the Entities, Reptilians and Aliens

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What is a mantra or a spell?

Mantra is a sequence of mystic worlds having concentrated thoughts and very divine potency, which utterance can create a cosmic sound vibration which enables the seeker to attain the states of super consciousness or self realization.

Each mantra creates a stream of specific vibration in the cosmos when chanted in a repeated, rhythmic and continuous manner, creating purity, divinity, spirituality and desired effects in the mind and the life of the seeker.

Nature of the mantra
The mantra is a force like gravitational, electrical and magnetism. Every word of the mantra has a specific weight, shape, size, form, power, colour and quality.

The rhythmic utterance of a mantra can create a specific pattern of waves in the universe having definite frequency, vibration and energy.

The sound vibration produced in a mantra chanting is a mechanical wave which always requires a medium [like solid liquid and gas] for its transmission.

Presiding deity of the mantra
Each mantra has a presiding deity to whom it was revealed and attains divine self realization by meditating on it. The specific deity bestows the powers, fulfilments and self realization to the seeker.

When we meditate on a particular deity our heart becomes illuminated with his grace, divinity, love and light, and we attain super consciousness.

Medium needed for travelling a mantra
The gross or the physical part of the mantra such as the sound vibrations appears to travel in the medium like solid, liquid and gas,but the subtle energy of the mantra travels in the Manas or Mind-Substance filling all space like ether and serves as the vehicle for the mantra.

Need for modulation of mantra waves
Sound wave vibrations produced by chanting a mantra have transmission energy losses in the medium because of our limited range of vocal cord capability and the friction offered by the medium particles.

Hence the divine vibration of the particular mantra might not reach to its final destination of the desired deity due to severe energy losses in the medium.

Hence modulation of the mantra waves is required.

Modulation is the process of facilitating the transfer of information over a medium by mixing low frequency wave [information signal] to a much higher frequency wave [carrier wave].

Like in a radio transmission the basic audio sound waves are added to the radio wave of having much higher frequency known as the carrier wave to produce a new signal of higher potency which can be successfully sent in the medium to the desired destination. In the final receiving destination the desired signals are decoded to achieve the original copy of the sound wave.

What are the psychic -symbols?
Psychic- symbols are the symbolic or pictographic condensed thought patterns or forms which can anchor your consciousness. In chanting a mantra loss of awareness and sleep are the biggest obstacles which reduce its potency.

Chanting a mantra while concentrating on three types of psychic- symbols like subtle, medium and gross, the seeker can easily concentrate his vague awareness. Reiki symbols, Cross, AUM sign, the Pentacle, fire, mystic images etc are used as the psychic- symbols.

Need for psychic- symbols
Chanting a mantra can activate your conscious mind but your unconscious mind may remain wavering to all irrelevant topics, visions and thoughts.
As soon as you visualise a psychic- symbol in the third eye chakra or your subconscious plane, instantaneously your unconscious mind reaches to a very high degree of concentration, releasing an extremely high frequency of thought wave vibrations which can effectively travel to any corner of the universe.

Medium needed for psychic symbols to travel
The pictographic thought patterns or forms used in a psychic-symbol are of extremely high frequency hence need even finer medium for their transmission.

Like electromagnetic waves travels in ether medium the psychic- Symbols or the condensed symbolic mental images travels in the Manas -Substance made of super fine particle of consciousness filling the entire universe.

When a psychic- symbol crosses the Manas- Substance it gives rise to a specific super high vibration and travels in the direction of desired deity of that specific mantra.

Psychic- symbols as carrier waves
The frequency and the energy of the thought waves are much higher than the sound waves. Hence to minimise the transmission energy loss in a mantra chanting, the psychic -symbols of extremely higher frequency and energy are used as a vehicle to carry the mantra to its destination.

Continuously chanting mantra from your conscious mind and simultaneously drawing psychic -symbols in you third eye chakra in your subconscious mind plane, and chanting internally the name of the psychic symbols can produce a series of extremely high frequency vibrations which can cross any barrier or disturbance present in the universe.

For e.g. from your conscious mind you can utter any famous spell or a mantra like Gayatri mantra, Christ spell, angels or archangels spells etc, and simultaneously drawing reiki symbols in your third eye chakra and chanting internally or subconsciously their names [ name of reiki symbols].
Consciously uttering or whispering a mantra from your mouth and subconsciously drawing reiki symbols and uttering their names can powerfully connect you to the extreme high vibration entities present in the outer world.

Outer world entities
They are psycho-subtle extraterrestrial creatures having extremely high frequency vibrations, and present in the outer world orbit like entities, aliens, reptilians, angel’s and archangels etc.

According to Indian mythology the devatas, pitra, gandharvas, kinnar nagas, Kumar’s are the some outer world entities.

The outer -world entities can manipulate your world by possessing “human” bodies and they can operate in the frequencies of the fourth density. These are referred to as “hidden spaces and planes unknown to man”. These entities exist only just outside the frequency range of our physical senses.

False or pseudo destination of a mantra
Instead of reaching to a specific deity, the vehicle of psychic symbol carrying the mantra may be easily interrupted by an outer-world entity, and they can easily manipulate our mind, psyche and thoughts.They can projects themselves as pseudo deity in our dreams or visions, to obstruct our spiritual progress.They may gain spiritual power of the mantra earned by the seeker.

Spiritual disaster or pseudo enlightenment of the seeker
The seeker may be easily manipulated by the outer world entities to increase their power and control on this world.
They can easily manipulate the dreams, thoughts and emotions of the seeker, to misguide him on the real path of spirituality.

Repeated dreams of perverted sexuality, rape, fear, hate, anger and enmity are the sure symptoms of interference from the outer -world entities.

The seeker may fell in the false or pseudo perception of elevated consciousness, enlightenment and blessings of desired deity’s grace.

But in the long term the outer world entities induce a state of delusion, distress, guilt and psychosis in the seeker.

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