Delhi’s big day on climate on 20th Sept.

On Saturday 20 September, thousands of people are going to flood the streets of Delhi to call for action on climate change. It is going to be massive, will you join in?

Delhi is one of seven focus cities of the biggest climate mobilisation in history — we’ll be joining people marching in 100 countries across the world! And it’s just two days before world leaders hold an urgent UN climate summit. Our numbers on the streets will influence their ambitions.

Click to join now — The March starts from Mandi House at 10 am on 20 September.

With our future in the balance, it’s time to show world leaders our movement is awake. If enough of us show up they will realise people everywhere want: a world economy that sustains people and the planet; a world safe from ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.

This is about all of us! Our planet needs everyone, including you, to come out to call for action to stop climate devastation. It is up to our generation to solve this crisis.

A whole range of social movements and other groups are working together with Avaaz to create a huge, colourful march in Delhi. Don’t miss out! Join us at 10 am at Mandi House and bring your friends.

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This is a global crisis and all of us are the global solution. We’ve built a community big enough to take a giant step towards the world we want. Now let’s all show up to demand it!To secure a better future for us all we need to unite in hope.

With hope,
Meredith, Bert, Fatima, Ricken, Alex, Andrea and the whole Avaaz team