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I don’t feel banning anything is a solutions. It creating one moreproblem to solve one small problem. In airports also, we take bigluggages and its screened. Same should be for metro. If someone bringssomething big, he should be delayed due to all checkings and lets havesome IT infrastructure to snap everyone who bring some big things tomake sure things can be traces if soemthing wrong happened..Security mechanisms needs to be improved rather than making people notto bring their own belongings.. The metro should be promoted to be wayto Airports, railway stations etc and how one expect to sendluggage by Taxi and than travel in Metro..Anyway, above all citizens needs to be active to see things around toprevent such untoward things..Lets hope for peace for everyone.. I saw someone saying stop peoplecarrying big items.. Metro should be for everyone. IF someone bringssome luggage above limit, he should be charged but banned..regardsKrishna
dear mr. krishna singh,
here we have raised the issue of security which is a weak link in our country and metro being a ultramodern example of a modern India, is on the target of extremists. being a commuter train only it canot be allowed to become like a long haul carriage transporting all kinds of goods.
we simply want a fast efficient commuter transport and passengers with minimum belongings preferred otherwise it will no longer be fast system.
These are just my views, pls do not take it otherwise. Let the authorities also decide what kind of blueprint they have for delhi metro.
thanks /pradeep k. ivon
Dear All Friend ,It is our right and prime concerned of the DELHI Metro security because we all are a part of this systems. We all are using this transport systems.As what i understand metro for us to facilitate its transport facility.It is used by our family members and relative also , we can not think about ban of luggage on travel in metro rail .If we see the matter of ban to carry luggage with us it is not a matter of security. We have to under stand metro is well connected with railway station and Bus Stand( ISBT) , every person have to ride with their luggage which he is carrying with him how he can separate it……………….? But checking should be perfect. We can not suggested to ban luggage with us while traveling and ridding on metro. we have to informed the metro person and security staff and can make objection on their security systems in Dwarka stations . We all are residents of Dwarka, if we see any discrepancy in the security systems by metro staff we can inform to the metro officials in their complaint resisters.Ever day there is announcement in a train about this systems. We have to keep our eyes open on security systems of the biggest well facilitate transport systems. I thinks this is my personnel view , if i can get a chance , i will register the our complaint in the register.Regards ,S. Kanti
Beg to differ with some of you and agree with others. My comments.
Metro is mass Transport mode. The type of travellers may differ from daily travellers to people who travel fro Railwaystation, ISBT, Airport or fro one home to another etc.. So the question of Luggage, in my opinion wont be able to restrict.. YES. There must be a system.
SIZE/Weight (like in flights) of the luggage one person(one ticket holder) could HOLD/Carry.
There must be separte counter for people who come up with Luggage and there must be TAG after security clearance let it be time consuming for checking either with xray or system.
A good metro will depend upon how its users respect it and respect other commuters. Yes, our country is growing in terms of economy and slowly things will come into place.. Thanks to people like E Sreedharan we have the metro inspite of Mafia and Lobby working against it.. There may be other options also..for mass tranport which govt must initiate..
How many of us send a complaint or respond if something goes wrong ? Well thats the main problem.. BE EXPRESSIVE and covey your complaint or suggestion to DMRC time to time.. Last week I travelled and due to this blueline problem there was huge rush and breaksdown.. I send immediately and email to Anuj (PRO of DMRC) and prompt reply also. I am marking a copy for him, so his staff could take relevant portion as feedback from Dwarkits.
Mr. Anuj, Please see the contents of the email below are the comments of residents of Dwarkites(through online discussion) on Metro Security and Luggage handling as reported in recent news on security. I am sure the contents of the discussion will be of great help for DMRC and will do the needfull.
We sincerely lookforward DMRC will terminate all trains in Dwark Sect 9/8 instead of Dwarka Mor in view of the growing commuter and festive season. We also lookforward on the DMRC proposed Feeder service by this season.
Hi All,

Banning luggage i personally feel is no solution.. Whats the problemwith luggage. If its checked and paid for (like a ticket of oneperson), than it shouldn’t bother anyone.Also, I have seen people carrying luggages in US in metro and thus aspointed by someone if we had to depend on taxis etc to catch trainfrom ISBT than the purpose of metro seems to be lost.We should improve the system rather than banning N things unless noother option.. This is govt way to ban things rather than to solveproblems.. Anyway I personally feel this ban will not occur as therewill be uproar against this junta.. You might bank for some peakoffice hours but not always..
Dear Residents,
I agree with the views expressed by Shri Krishna M Singh. Banning of Luggage in Metro is no solution. Instead, we may have a compartment in the end of the train where people with luggage should travel on payment of Luggage Charges. It would facilitate commuting in Metro from ISBT, Old Delhi Railway Station, New delhi Railway Station and later Air Ports. Security of the Trains can be ensured by Scanning the Luggage through X-Ray as in Air Ports. With warm regards,
Cdr (Retd.) IC Sharma
banning baggage from metro sounds quite ridiculous
nowhere in world it is banned-u cant otherwise what is the use of public transport!!
and do u think they can do it when they could not ban/contain it in indian railways
how many times have u booked your baggages in brakevan which is above the allowance in railways?
checks like xray etc are ok-provided u commuters r ready to pay for it
i m sure it wont come cheap and wont be with out hassels that’s what has happened with air travels
the cost of air tickets has gone up following 9/11 in west/and india as well!!
as the airlines are feeling sky rocketing costs of security
Finally response from DMRC:
Dear Shri Rejimon,Thanks for your mail. I am forwarding your mail to the Chief Security Commissioner/DMRC for considerations. The security of DMRC is under CISF and Delhi Police. A baggage of 15 Kgs and not exceeding 60 cm (Length) X 45 cm (Breadth) X 25 cm (Height) in size is permissible while traveling in Delhi Metro. But the security staff may refuse any objectionable article or baggage.

With regards,
Anuj Dayal

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