ANHLGT met DDA to discuss long pending works in Dwarka

ANHLGT had taken an appointment with Vice Chairman DDA Mr. G S Patnaik on 21st Feb 2012 at his office in Vikas Sadan, to tell him about the works which ANHLGT was trying to get corrected from DDA were still not progressing.

VC had to go for an urgent meeting so, President Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan along with Shameera Ashroff (Seceretary), Mrs. Neeru Gupta (Exec Member) and Mrs. Yamini Singh (Off. Executive), of ANHLGT met with OSD to VC DDA, Mr. Arun Mishra , on 21st Feb 2012 at his office in Vikas Sadan. Chief Engg. DDA (Dwarka Project) Mr. S.R. Solanki was also present in the meeting.

The delegation went with the request to expedite the pending works of DDA Electrical, Civil and Horticulture Departments.

ANHLGT has raised the following issues: 

1. Pending payments of Rs 8 lakh to be made by DDA Electrical Division for which communication was done with BSES and DDA regarding Stolen Electrical Fittings, Poles in Sector 7, 8, 9, 22 and 23.
· On this Mr. Mishra had called and instructed Mr. Kuldeep Arora, Exec. Engg. Electrical ED 5 to release the payment within 3 days i.e till 24th Feb.
2. DDA Electrical issues, ensuring that street lights are functioning and in place.
· Instructed Mr. Arora to visit the site and meet with Mrs. Kodiyan on 24th Feb to resolve further issues.

3. Playgrounds issues that had been allocated in Sector 22 and 23, the work is still not progressing.
· On this Mr. Solanki had said that the work has started. Mr. Mishra had told Mr. Solanki to do a site inspection along with ANHLGT delegation on 24th Feb and take the necessary steps.

· Also Mr. Mishra, as being very impressed by the work ANHLGT had told Mr. Solanki to fix a monthly meeting date with ANHLGT.

4. Making Sector 23 a Model Sector, in which all of DDA’s work is streamlined, which can then be replicated to other sectors of Dwarka. For other issues ANHLGT is in touch with MCD, BSES, Police etc.
· OSD Mr. Mishra assured that he himself will visit the area to see the progress.

5. Bharat Vandana Park, on the plot between sector 9 metro and sector 23, is earmarked under the dwarka plan, should at least have a boundary wall.
· The work will be beginning very soon as the tender is already awarded.

6. Covering of big drain (nala) which goes past Bharat Vandana Park in Sector 23, all the way up to Nazafgarh, this goes via sector-23.
· Mr. Mishra had given instructions that regular cleaning of the drains should be done.

7. Lack of sport complexes in Dwarka.
· Mr. Mishra had told Mr. Solanki to expedite the development of New Sports Complex and Golf Course in Dwarka.

8. ANHLGT‘s action plan to target each sector for improvement of facilities by talking to DDA, MCD, BSES, Police.
· Mr. Mishra assured that he himself will visit the area to see the progress.

9. For sector 23 and other sectors horticulture department issues. Sector-23 only skeleton staff remains despite multiple tenders being passed for maintenance.
· Mr. Mishra had told Director Horticulture Mr. Roop Singh Chahar to visit the site with ANHLGT delegation and take the necessary steps.