Dr. Harshvardhan will bring prosperity in Delhi

Harsh Vardhan is very honest & simple BJP leader. He was born in Delhi to Sh. Om Prakash Goel & Smt. Snehlata Devi on 13 December,1954. H has been an active member of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh since his childhood. He studied in Anglo Sanskrit Victoria Jubilee Senior Secondary School, Daryaganj upto 1971. He did his MBBS in 1979 from Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi memorial medical College, Kanpur & further he completed his Master of Surgery Otolaryngology from the same college in 1983.

He is currently MLA) of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha from the Krishna Nagar constituency. He is very popular among all the workers of BJP. He is a Otolaryngologist & running a clinic even sometimes he gives free treatment to the economical weaker patient. In some complication case, he referred to other big hospitals and with his own influence he makes all the arrangements He is very popular among the doctors. Due to his sincerity only he has never lost an election to the Vidhan Sabha, and has served in various capacities in the state cabinet during BJP’s reign (1993–98), including Health Minister, Law Minister and Education Minister.

He launched Polio Eradication Plan in October 1994 when he was State’s Health Ministry. This programme got huge success and was adopted by the Indian Government for the whole nation. He is the recipient of Director-General’s Polio Eradication Champion Award Commendation Medal conferred to him by the World Health Organization way back in 1998.

I have been interacting him for so many years and come to conclusion that he is good observer, he always believe in Unity & togetherness policy. The collective decision of the party is his top priority. That’s why he created a neat & clean image in the eyes of small workers besides very good reputation among all the senior leaders of Bhartiya Janta Party. He has been rewarded for his sincerity for BJP. As a result of that our party has also chosen him the Chief Minister candidate for the BJP in the 2013 Delhi Assembly Election. As you know that BJP will gain the full majority in upcoming Delhi assembly election. Moreover, he is really a visionary BJP leader, so I am sure he’ll lead and guide all the BJP workers and brings them together to do ultimate development of entire Territory. He is a capable leader and he’ll bring prosperity in Delhi also.

(As told to Dwarka Parichay by Sh.Rajesh Gahlot)