Mr. Tejinder Khanna 6th Oct 2009
Lt. Governor of NCT Delhi
New Delhi

Attn: Shri. Ranjan Mukherjee

Respected Lt. Governor,

Subject: Risk and Illegal operation of Catering Vans in Dwarka – Sub-city.

First, I would like to thank you for taking my call yesterday.

As discussed with you, we would like to bring to your attention the various issues concerning the operation of Mobile Vans (Stationery), especially, serving Chinese food, which were issued License by MCD-Health Department.

In the past Dwarka Forum (‘DF’) and other RWA Associations have raised this issue and had got them removed these vans We now learned from MCD correspondence that as per new direction from LG office the MCD has issued license to them without any requirements of NOC from Traffic Police.

We would like to bring some fact before you:

1. There is no space constrains or non availability of shops/commercial space in Master Plan Sub-City. There are over 200 shops build by DDA available in addition to over 500 shops build by Private players under CSC/LCS as per planned structure.

2. The catering Vans are of great risk to citizen at large:

a. They are parked on PEDESTRAIN PATHS restricting movement of pedestrians.

b. They are compelling pedestrian to risk and walk on roads as the paths reserved for pedestrians are blocked.

c. The van is parked right at the entrance of the shopping complex where there is always a traffic chaos as large crowd gathers around the van all the time.

d. These vans uses cooking Gas Cylinders meant for home cooking and pose serious threat to over crowded markets and vehicles in the area.

e. The area surrounding the van is filthy and stinking. Absolutely unhygienic condition.

f. The utensils are washed on the side walks and on the service lane with food dumped all around. Ground for breeding mosquitoes and stay animals.

g. These vehicles supplies unhygienic foods to citizen.

h. As these vehicles serve food till very late hours in the evening, have become breeding grounds for anti social elements who drink openly in such surrounding and pose serious risk to citizens.

i. These vehicles actually operate restaurants do not issue any bills/invoice nor pay any VAT/Tax components and violates the provisions of Tax regime and evade taxes.

j. The Food Adulteration Department find it difficult to penalise such establishment as these kinds of shops keeps moving from one place to other.

3. The operation of these establishments is clear violation of directions/comments of apex court on encroachment of public area and safety.

4. The operation is violation of NO TOLERANCE ZONE declared by LG Office.

Over 5 Lakh residents of Dwarka are affected by this illegal entities and operation.

We would appreciate if you could kindly direct concerned officials to look into this matter and take note of the above to ensure that the residents of Dwarka are not put to undue risk and hazardous environment.

We only hope that our grievances are heard and acted upon swiftly.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be available for discussions at your convenience.

Kind regards,

( Member – Dwarka Forum)

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