Self Realization(Aatmanubhuti)

Madhurita Jha

We can experience the Aatman as the Chetan Tatv(Conscious Being) easily only in the human body. Only a prayer is needed from us.

Only with a truthful mind and a simple heart can we have His Darshan. The goal of human life is not running after momentary pleasures.

Stable peace and a long lasting pleasure(aanand) is possible only when we experience the Infinite and experience the fact that the Infinite God is our True Nature.

We are attracted towards the highest morals and ideals because we want Perfection in our lives. But, on the other hand, we are slaves of our bodily desires. This is the reason for the internal conflicts in our minds. Between the call of our Inner Soul and the pleasures of our senses, we get tangled in such a way that diverge from our real aim.

The one who listens to the call of his Inner Soul and tries to implement it, only he is successful in the aim.

The wisdom, mind and the heart of humans are all used in the churning of this world, which can be imagined in terms of a sea of milk(ksheer saagar). Even after churning for a very long time, we get butter and this butter is God.

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