FIMT organized a Webinar on Personality Development & Soft Skills

New Delhi: December 8, 2021:(Report :*Yash Yadav)
A Webinar on Personality Development & Soft Skills was successfully conducted by Neel Anil Panicker who is a well-known journalist, communicator, writer & author.

The webinar was started with the warm welcome of guest speaker by Asst.Prof. Ipsa Saxena (Head-NSS) who acknowledged his contribution in the field of journalism. After formal introduction, Mr. Neel Anil Panicker started sharing his important views on ‌how to build your personality,‌ how to learn the art of public speaking and ‌how to build confidence. Just after that he shared a PowerPoint presentation and with the help of his presentation his ideas were crystal clear to the students his presentation consisted 25 slides which were very precise and accurate to the point. In the slides, it was mentioned that never ‌ compare yourself with anyone in this world because you are special that matters moreover ‌never afraid of failures because failures are an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and move forward.

He further showed and explained public speaking ‌Project Presentations-one to many ‌Interviews-many to one
‌Group Discussions-Mattoo to many ‌ Extempore, Networking Events ‌Meetings and Seminars. He suggested that Always know your audience and make a presentation about your topic so that people can understand better when there are visuals always rehearse before the event or a meeting in front of a mirror this helps you 98% understand your mistake and become more confident if you are nervous keep yourself calm, talk slow and practice mastering your voice tones this will help you engaging more audiences.And “always” Be honest towards to your audience. The above mentioned key points were well discussed by Mr.Panicker.

During the session, some students put their queries before the Guest Speaker which he replied very humbly and cleared all their doubts. In the end, he concluded his wonderful session by saying that hesitation is the culprit and it should be eliminated.If you want to be confident always be ready and confidence will follow you.

(*Yash Yadav is a BJMC( 1st year) Student of Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, Kapashera, Delhi, India)