Governance in India – Crisis of Credibility ……

TRANSPORT – WATER – POWER …… The Anarchy De-Coded
Citizens & Media ….. get involved ….. change will come through Substance and not Shouting

Governance in India
Crisis of Credibility – Regulatory Fraud in India
Presented by CHETNA

“those who know the details are few in numbers and those affected have learnt to suffer in silence …..”

Date: 15thFebruary 2013
Venue: Chemsford Club

9.30 am – Registration
10.00 am – Inaugural address by Mr. Avineesh Matta President BVSS
10.03 am – Introduction of Program by Anil Sharma Secretary CHETNA
10.10 am – Presentations
10.10 am to 10.20 am – Public Transport Blues by Rajiv Kakria
10.20 am to 10.30 am – Auto Menace by Prem Nath, IPS, DCP (T) SR
10.30 am to 10.40 am – Water Woes of Delhi by Diwan Singh
10.40 am to 11.10 am – Regulatory Fraud – DERC by Anil Sood
11.10 am to 11.20 am – Press Briefing (pls attend full session from start)
11.20 am to 11.50 am – Open House
11.50 am onwards – High Tea

Please join in large numbers …. if possible please do inform about your availability. Please bring any information you wish to share during the open house session.

Rajiv Kakria