Hard work, sincerity, honesty, parent’s blessings are the secret of our success- Dr. Kalra

Dr.R.N. Kalra is a famous cardiologist who has F.C.C.P. F.A.C.C., F.R.C.P. and M.D.(Medicine, Delhi University) degrees to his credit. He has been honoured with many prestigious awards from India and Abroad. Recently, he spoke to our Managing Editor S.S.Dogra. Excerpts:

What is the secret of your success? 
Hard work, sincerity, honesty, parent’s and elders’ blessings are the secret of our success.

What is the strength of your hospital? 
We have more than four hundred fifty dedicated staff members working day and night.

What is the scope of medical tourism in India? 
India has great potential for medical tourism. Here the treatment is economical that too with international standard. Moreover, our country has great tourist places to visit.

How comfortable is NABH for hospital? 
NABH rules should be flexible. They need to be revised. Standard of care should be there and patients comfortability should be given priority.

What is the importance of Panel system in Private hospitals? 
A private hospital is on Panel is not worthy. Because hospital gets very less amount for treatment. But still, some hospitals are running on these Panel system only with compromise. There is no watch dog to monitor this ill practice of panel system.

Please define patient-doctors relationship. 
Earlier, around 15 years back, the patients have full faith in doctors, It was family like relationship between doctors and patients. Now with the awareness, the patients’ attitude has changed. The doctors-patients relation has become untrustworthy.

Who inspired you to become a doctor? 
I wanted to become engineer and accordingly I got the admission in D.A.V. College, Jallandhar. Suddenly, my father forced me to take medical study, even my Uncle challenged me. Here, I decided to take medical study and became doctors. It was the turning point of my life.

Tell me about your faith in God and other charity work? 
I am very religious, follower of Mata Vaishno Devi. And our hospital regularly organizes free medical camp on every Sunday. Besides there is provision of daily free OPD from 9 to 11 a.m.

Any special celebration by your hospital? 
Every year, we celebrate World Heart Day in the month of September in association with World Heart Association, Geneva.

Any message for the young generation.
They should keep fit, they should eat fresh and healthy food and go for morning walk etc. regularly.