How We can Be Happy?

Joginder Singh

IPS Retd. Former Director CBI

We test and rate our ability, aptitude and proficiency, when we challenge ourselves.

One problem, which I must admit, faced by me and is equally applicable to a vast majority of the people is , that we let the past determine our future. If we believe, that whatever, we do in the future, will give the same out come as it did in the past in the past is equally. If we carry the burden of the past failure on our shoulders and mind, and feel that we can not improve on it, that is also true. But at the same time, we want success. We are dragged down by the thoughts of past failures and allow the same, to colour all our actions, even in the present.

We have to challenge the past failures, to meet the current situation. One thought, in which I firmly believe and repeat it, to myself, that there is no question of failure, in any venture. It is at the best a temporary set back, which can be overcome. I ponder that, perhaps, I should change my strategy and adopt new approach. This is equally true in big as well as small matters. Once I could not lay my hand on the computer data card, which enables me to access internet anywhere. I could not trace it for two days. I travelled back ward mentally as where I had gone and in which personal car, I had travelled or what clothes I had worn. I was not willing to accept that I had lost it. On searching my suit, which I had worn while going for a function, I found it.

It is a question, in the life is ultimately, as to who would endure and persevere a little longer. Charity and everything begins with yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, how can expect others to believe in you?

Our worries in life, empty our strength of the day and sometimes, it leaves no time to worry about it. It is vital to always follow our own passion and not somebody else’s. We need to get out of ruts and start searching newer way of doing things in a better way, so that we can attain our ardour. I find that sometimes, at the mid night, I remember, something, which I had left undone. I immediately note it down in my bed side dairy, otherwise the same things keep on returning to my mind.

I also noticed that occasionally, I would, I would feel, unhappy or uncomfortable or unfulfilled, during bumpy or painful times. One day, I decided to keep on working even in the face of harrowing and disconcerting circumstances. This approach taught me not to give up in the face of any odious let down or fiasco. I also re learnt to get out of the ruts and change my tracks. I felt thrilled on my victories. Instead of simply being busy, and saying that we have no time, due to one activity or the other, we should increase our productivity. It is the productivity, which frees us from any anxiety and agony. Our unhappiness is the result of our apprehension and disquiet We should make it a habit to make the best of life, as it comes and not lose sleep over something, which may not occur.

Why are we then constantly unhappy? Worrying and unhappiness are blossom friends. Just as a diamond cannot be polished without friction, and gold cannot be purified without fire, our life has to go through the tribulations, before it becomes better to suit our liking. With the experience of problems and troubles, our life can become better and not bitter

. Life is a hard teacher. It puts us through ordeal and hardship, so that with that experience we can learn lessons. With every unpleasant experience, we should make our life better and not bitter. Our success of failure is some thing determined by others. We can only feel satisfaction, that we have done our best.

Whatever be the conditions or circumstances, we should count our own blessings, and not the obstacles. This will build up our confidence.

Hard work is boring for most of the people, who want to earn name and fame. It is something, which demands all kinds of sacrifices, like denying yourself the TV entertainment programmes, doing chatting on phone for gossiping. The time in life is limited and it is upto each one of us to reach our destinations or stay where we are. It often can mean being satisfied with mediocrity. We are often guided by others, as to what career we should choose. When I finished my Matriculation as passing the 10th standard University was called, I was advised to choose a Medical or an Engineering Stream, so that I could become a Doctor or an Engineer. I did not know anything about the either and the result was that my performance in studies was dismal. I just scrapped through and barely passed. I was not interested in becoming either, apart from not liking the subject, which I had to study. I changed to the Art and English literature and succeeded beyond the expectations of the prophets of doom. I believe that our work identifies and gets all the credit or discredit for us. We should focus in falling in love with the work we have to do. We should be one of those, who make their way, where is none by doing and not by saying that we will do. Our actions speak louder than our thoughts. The shortest answer to any problem is tackling it head on.

It is upto each one of us to be happy, and enjoy, a simple, uncomplicated life, inspite of the difficulties and handicaps.