PURE EV, provider of electric Two wheeler mobility soultions having its R&D Centre at IIT Hyderabad has opened it’s first flagship store titled EBOX Motors in East Delhi, Nirman Vihar. It’s the first store in Nation Capital Region and looking to come up with additional stores to cater all parts of the region having full fledged service centres.

PURE EV is an electric two-wheeler manufacturing company, originated from the campus of IIT Hyderabad. One of the main objectives of the company is to utilise sustainable energy sources, and that’s why the name PURE which stands for *P* ower *U* sing *R*enewable *E* nergy. Besides electric two-wheelers, PURE EV also produces lithium-ion batteries and has a research facility based out of IIT Hyderabad campus.

“Currently, PURE EV has four models in its portfolio, two high speed models EPluto 7G & Etrance Neo and two low speed models EPluto & ETrance+. As is the case with most of the EVs in the Indian market, all these products are mainly focused at urban commuting with their top speed going up to 60kmph. PURE EV vehicles offer an impressive range upto 120 Kms.” Said Mr Raj Srivastava, Asst. General Manager – Sales & Distribution of PURE EV while inaugurating the showroom.

The company has an in-house battery manufacturing facility and a research set-up where company’s dedicated R&D team works on core areas of battery thermal management system and power train for long-range and high-performance lithium batteries.

“Due to Covid-19 pandemic, thrust on personal mobility has increased significantly and people are looking for electric scooters at affordable prices. Our two wheeler comes with a robust chassis design, body parts built for Indian road conditions and advanced features like regenerative braking, and an LED display which indicates the remaining battery capacity. PURE EV plans to expand its manufacturing base to a larger facility with an annual capacity of two lakh EVs and battery manufacturing capacity of 5 Gwh, up from the current capacity of 30,000 EVs and 0.5 GWh. The company expects to commission a new two-lakh sq ft plant by 2022 to meet the anticipated growth in the Indian Electric Vehicles and Lithium battery markets.” Said Mr Srivastva.

PURE EV believes in providing ultimate solution so far as  After Sales Service is concerned and will keep on striving hard to make the ecosystem efficient for our valued customers.

“Pure EV two wheelers have Portable lithium-ion battery with a metallic casing with potable chargers and can be charged at any place as it needs the normal 5amps electric socket which can be found anywhere easily. All models come with an aerodynamic body with body-mounted turn indicators, multi-reflector headlamp, rounded mirrors, 4 Inch LCD Display, 10-inch alloy wheels in fat rubber tyres. The models will be available in 6 colour options – White, Red, Blue, Black, Grey and Silver.” Said Ms Ena Singhania, the showroom owner of EBox Motors.